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The KANIFA E-max is a three wheeler and five seater Electric rickshaw designed and marketed by KANIFA. It is approved in MAHARASTRA (INDIA), this product are the ARAI &VRDE. This product is under make in India Scheme and completely made in India. The E-max is an strong, durable & sufficient in the city and local driving because Length 2800mm, A width is 970mm and a height is 1760mm.

Product Information:

E-max is the completely pollution free, Zero maintained and low investment product. Head lamp is the pileup bulb type. Steering is the two wheeler type, very suitable for driving, tire measurement is 3.00*12 Blasters. Roof material is fabric/FRP. And rig sine are available.

       Chassis’ are the very strong and the Square Tubular Type material are the using to the manufacturing the chassis. The chassis is the manufacturing in-house i8n the company. The chassis on the 5 years warranty give to the company. And the ground clearance is the 12.5inch. This ground clearance are the sufficient.

Rear Suspension

in the raer suspension are the spring leaf suspension. It’s a very strong suspension.

Front Suspension

in the front suspension are the fork suspension. The fork is the hydrolic shoker suspension. This hydrolic shocker is the 45mm .

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